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How Many "Drops" Of 3M Di-Noc Do You Need?

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Well we have had this question pop up a few times on job sites. We have the contractor with one square footage number and yours being completely different! This happens because the contractor is doing the standard "length X width" method. Unfortunately that method isn't appropriate for Di-Noc projects. You actually need to calculate the "drops" as old school wallpaper hangers say. Drops are the number of sheets you will need for the job. Let's use the above picture for example (mind you let's pretend this is a solid with no hallway opening on the left and no open cubby on the right). If we used the "length X width" math you would need 286 square feet (26' X 11.25'= 292.5). Now if we use the drop method (26'/4' (width of Di-Noc Roll)= 6.5 Total sheets needed (Because you don't end up with an even number, round up to the nearest number). So we really need 7 sheets. Each sheet being 4' X 11.25'= 45 square feet X 7 Total sheets needed= 315 square feet! As you can see the numbers don't lie! Being off by more than 20 square feet could definitely ruin your day! As we all know with most environments we work in, the amount of time and effort needed to coordinate with the client, security, staff etc can be overwhelming. So having to make a second trip would be a huge inconvenience for everyone involved! Remember measure twice, cut once!

~Ardon Visual

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