Architectural Signage is a key component of an effective wayfinding plan; however the plan is about more than just signage. In built environments, wayfinding includes the use of architectural elements – both structural features and open spaces – as cues. Architectural signage enhances wayfinding sign solutions by working harmoniously with these design elements. When people visit a facility in which structural elements of a built environment work hand-in-hand with well-designed wayfinding signage, the result is an intuitive wayfinding system. The signage and the wayfinding plan work together to create comfort and messages are clear, legible, in the right place and accessible to all regardless of language or physical ability. From the point of view of patrons, the best wayfinding signage in a built environment is intuitive, not obtrusive. If patrons must take special notice of the function of wayfinding elements in a facility, then those elements are probably not serving those patrons as well as they could. Wayfinding systems are necessary in built environments to help people find their way around, but they also play a vital role in branding facilities in people's minds and inspiring confidence. Intuitive wayfinding systems help people feel comfortable navigating built environments, whether on their first visit or their hundredth.

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