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Q: What Are Your Hours of Operation?

A: Store hours are by appointment only! Phone hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. Email is 24 hours a day!


Q: Where are your headquarters located?

A: 61R North Beacon St Boston MA 02134.  Pull into the Volvo driveway and we are on the right hand side!


Q:What US cities do you service?

A:We service every major US city! We have installers in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles,Miami , New York and San Francisco!


Q:Where are your signs/materials produced?

A:We are proud to say ALL of our products are produced right here in the USA!


Q: Do you have shop minimums?

A: Yes, we do. $200 for production and $150 for installation.


Q: Are you UL Listed?

A: Yes, we are UL listed for the fabrication of illuminated channel letters. 

Q: What does it matter that my sign is UL certified?

A: It indicates the sign itself is made from quality products that have passed UL testing and assembled to meet UL stringent requirements. This offers the peace of mind your sign will not be made with defective or cheap parts. 


Q: Do you offer eco-friendly products?

A: We do offer some product lines that are eco-friendly. Such as the 3M IJ480 which is made partially from recycled goods. 


Q: What is the difference between a 3M certified installation VS a “none” certified installer?

A: That is a great question and we are often asked on many occasions. There are many factors that differentiate between a 3M installer VS a none certified installer. 

A1) Before testing even begins. 3M researches and tests the sign company owners on their business practices. Ensuring every installer is ethical and has sound business practices.

A2) 3M installers are the best in the industry and go to 3M headquarters to test their skill! 3M sets a very high standard for their installers, each installer must pass 17 stations with a 80% or better. Many installers often fail their first attempt at certification. You can rest easy knowing Ardon Vinyl installers passed our first time there and set a couple of course records!

A3) The biggest benefit is, 3M products (car wraps) are only warrantied IF installed by a 3M installer. If it is not, they WILL NOT WARRANTY IT!


Q: Do you install on nights, weekends, or holidays?

A: Yes, we most certainly do! Of course, with any install that is not during normal business hours (mon-fri 9am-5pm). There are additional charges. Please email us to find out.



A: Take a deep breath, we can help! We can certainly handle rush jobs. However, expect higher than normal charges for same day or overnight production! 


Q: Can you print Pantone colors?

A: Our printers are CMYK based. Which can print any color including PMS colors!


Q: What file format do I need to send my files in?

A: We prefer vector format saved in EPS, AI, or PDF. High res JPEGS are welcome.


Q: What are your lead times for projects?

A: That depends on the size of your project. Most cases depending on size 1-3 business days. On larger projects such as channel lettering, 4-6 weeks.


Q: How much does this project cost…?

A: Sorry, we do not post our prices online. Those pesky competitors we call ankle biters are constantly trying to find that out!


Q: Can I stop in anytime?

A: No. We prefer you call and setup an appointment time. That way you have our undivided attention!


Q: Do you deliver?

A: Yes we do! Additional charges may apply.


Q: Can you bill me for products/services rendered?

A: We do offer 30 day terms for select clients. In most cases jobs MUST be paid in full at the time it is placed. Email us to find out more!


Q: Do you have equipment to install a sign 50+ feet high?

A: We have trucks that can reach 75′! No worries, we have you covered!


Q: How long do you warranty a car/truck wrap?

A: We offer a 5 year warranty on all our wraps. If it begins to peel, bubble, or fade, we will try to repair the piece in question. If it can't be fixed we will replace it free! Warranty is void and not valid if wrap is damaged or user has exceeded manufacturer limitations.


Q: How do I clean my car once it has been wrapped?

A: HAND WASH ONLY! With a mild soap and water.


Q: How long is the warranty on channel letters?

A: Our channel letters have a lifetime guarantee! Trim and power supplies not covered.


Q: Can I call and submit my project over the phone?

A: Unfortunately no, every order is custom and we like to have all the info via email. Please click here to submit your project.




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