Signage is integral to brand identity. It helps to enforce that strong statement about what an organisation stands for, how it should be perceived, what it represents.  Corporate signs welcome and instruct, direct and protect, but they’re also instrumental in presenting that vital, positive first impression. From typeface and colour to style and size, these are the elements that express an organisation’s identity, projecting qualities such as dynamism, pride, integrity or professionalism.

Ardon Visual knows that the basis of a successful brand identity scheme demands three key essentials: a well-designed graphic image, a solid set of brand standards and the consistent application of brand graphics across all areas of implementation. Signs are the architectural interpretation of a brand identity and a thorough appreciation of graphical treatment and guidelines is fundamental to an effective execution of the branding process. Organisations should never underestimate the power of a sign to portray a corporate commitment to quality and design.

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