Signs are designed to capture attention and therefore it comes as no surprise that illuminated signs and signage tend to be more effective than non illuminated signs.  We all respond to bright lights and color after all. Ways of providing illumination for signage have always mirrored evolving technology.  Fluorescent signs were first introduced in 1923 and soon neon signs - neon is the gas used in the fluorescent tube - became the 'must have' for every retailer.  The next big breakthrough came with the advent of electronic solid state devices.  The first LEDs (light emitting diode) were produced in the 1960s but it has only been relatively recently that technical developments in brightness and  color availability have made LED illumination the technology of choice for use with signage. 

Ardon Visual has completed illuminated letters from 6" high to over 8' high! With our custom fabricator skills, superior knowledge base, and use of only high quality projects. Ardon Visual has been standing out from our competition for over 60 years!

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